Emmaus LXXVII - March 1-3, 2019

You have arrived at the registration site, your Emmaus Journey begins here! Registration is open for both Candidates and Team Members.  Please have your selfie ready to upload and check out the Events Calendar.


January 20       - NO MEETING 

January 27       - meeting #2 in St Aloysius GYM arrive at 3:00

February 3rd    - meeting #3 in Stapleton Hall arrive at 2:45

February 10     - meeting #4 in Stapleton Hall arrive at 2:45

February 24th  - meeting #5 in Stapleton Hall arrive at 2:45

March 1-3        - Emmaus retreat at All-Saints school -arrive at 3:30


Please join us for a weekend of vibrantly enriching faith and personal discovery, guided by the powerful Emmaus story conveyed in Luke’s Gospel (24:13-25).


The Emmaus Weekend Retreat is a process of discovery: 


    •    discovering the joy of knowing who we really are and His intentions for us

    •    discovering God in ourselves and others

    •    discovering the gifts that God gives us, including the gift of Himself

    •    discovering the heightened meaning this brings to the way we live and the help God provides.


Teen who is new to Emmaus?  If you are a teen who has NEVER attended an Emmaus retreat before, please click on CANDIDATE button below to register. We accept 36 candidates in grades 10 - 12.


Teen who has participated or an Adult?  If you are a teen who has participated in Emmaus as a Candidate previously or an Adult or a Teen aged 18 or older, please click the age-appropriate button below.


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